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Twin Inversors, Spanish company of services, established in a multinational environment but at the same time familiar and close.

Due to its international character, it manages companies of the group («customers») all over the world such as Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Chile, Perú and others. A wide range of cultures and religions makes that Twin must be a chameleon company with easy adaptation to different environments and cultures.

Twin is conservative in spirit but at the same time very innovative in terms of new technologies, always in constant reinvention looking for new streams and projects.

Twin among others offers services of management, organization, control, support and communication.

Eventually Twin may be interested in co-financing some projects in which the mentioned services are carried out.


From our finance department we provide a full range of accounting services & financial solutions.

Our Mission is to support our customers by providing financing options specific to the needs of each individual company, simplifying & standardizing financial & accounting processes and optimizing internal processes.

Main services provided: bookkeeping, tax services, credit risk management, consulting services, equity/debt capital raising, controlling and audit services.


We offer our customers, the cloud hosting services, and can develop proper interfaces between data base from our customers to external software acquisition such as CRM WMS M2M Production software, and so on.

Kyubi System is a business unit specializing in traceability, localization and tracking RFID technologies, focused on the implementation of projects and the development of RFID products that make the use of technology friendlier. Company with very high expertise in the postal, logistics, asset management and electrical and electronic waste (RAEEs) sectors.



From our purchasing department and public customs magazine we provide services such as order handling, transport hiring, arrival coordination, and if necessary good clearance.

We have the capabilities given from the Spanish authorities to hold goods in our public customs warehouse, Duty and VAT unpaid till the moment when our customer decides to clear the goods in EU free zone.


From the Department of Human Resources we serve in all its areas, both in Spain and abroad.

  • Recruitment and accompaniment in the incorporation.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Staff Administration.
  • Salaries, social insurance, contracts, social security communications, absenteeism, hours’ control.
  • Data Protection.

One of the biggest assets of a company is its staff, so from Twin we strive to find the best professionals for your company. A motivated worker is happier and brings more to the company; their safety is an important point, while protecting personal data and privacy. With all this we protect the Company and also the workers.


We provide and assist in merger and acquisitions processes primarily in the European scope, identifying potential opportunities for investors, and negotiating if necessary with the parties.


We can

  • Provide services to third parties that want to make private investments.
  • Initially intervening in the management through TWIN Inversors S.L.
  • Co-invest with our clients through TWIN Inversors S.L.


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